Trade: Looking to list our Pinot Noir?

If you’re looking to add a unique and somewhat rare Pinot Noir to your wine list or store shelves, look no further.

Since 2008, we’ve been creating outstanding BC Pinot Noir sourced from 100% Okanagan vineyards.  We’re a micro winery: we make less than 500 cases each year.

For Vancouver, Lower Mainland and Whistler contact: Stuart Morton at SJM Agency


For the Okanagan and BC interior, contact the winemaker Bradley direct –



Buy Black Cloud – #Okanagan

Since we don’t have winery building you can visit, you can track down our Pinot Noir at these fine #Okanagan wine stores

Public Liquor – north Kelowna

Mission Liquor – Kelowna /Mission

Metro Liquor – downtown/ Cultural district Kelowna

Cask and Barrel – West Kelowna

Jak’s – Penticton /Cherrylane

Fairview Liquor – Penticton /Channel

Or, you can call us directly when in the Penticton/Naramata/Skaha area and we can deliver it directly to you and give you a complimentary tasting.

Finally, if you purchase $100 or more, we’ll ship it free to your front door anywhere in any Canadian province. IMG_20140912_211502

The season of rosé – RED SKY

It’s the time of year we start thinking about relaxing with rosé. To be truthful, we enjoy our RED SKY rosé all year round as our after work, pre dinner choice of aperitif. But now we’re thinking of being in the garden, getting out the hammock and listening to the sound of the world suddenly a little warmer in our neighborhood.

$22.00 msrp. Free shipping on orders over $100 to any Canadian province. Order here

Trade:  (Thompson Okanagan), rest of BC >




Here’s where to find our amazing #Pinot

Here’s where to find our amazing #PinotNoirs in the Thompson Okanagan:
Cask and Barrel (West Kelowna)
Fairview Liquor (Penticton)
Cherrylane Liquor (Penticton)
Stagshead Liquor (Kamloops)
Metro Liquor (Kelowna)
Public Liquor (Kelowna / Airport)

Or just call Brad direct 250-490-7314. Free shipping in Canada on orders of $100 or more.

Cornucopia at Whistler – Join us at the Crystal Lodge Gallery, November 12

The big food and wine festival that is Cornucopia gets underway in North America’s premier mountain resort in early November and Black Cloud will be there to take part and pour some Pinot Noir.

Now in its 20th year, Cornucopia celebrates food and drink in a big way with scores of events, big and small.

Black Cloud will be at the Crystal Lodge Gallery for a unique event that allows participants to express their artistic prowess (or lack thereof) and sip delicious Pinot Noir at the same time. It’s a great event for a date night, a girls’ night out or a chance to scratch that secret artist’s itch. If your in town, why not join us?

Black Cloud's Audralee and Bradley

Audralee Daum and Bradley Cooper – partners in Black Cloud.

Tickets go fast for these wine and art events so make sure you follow this link to secure a spot.

Cloudy Day Club – here’s what you can expect

We’re shipping two Pinot Noirs in the first allocation of 2016.

Members of the Cloudy Day Club – our wine club that receives our Pinot Noirs three times a year – can look forward to two different Pinots in this package.

We’re sending the Fleuvage – our anyday, medium-bodied PN that works wondrously with light pasta dishes, poached wild salmon or crumbled goat cheese on toast.

We’re also sending some RED SKY rosé because – SPRING! The 100% Pinot Noir, made in the saignée method, is our go-to casual wine all year. But it’s especially welcome during the warm months when it makes a great partner with lighter foods served at room temperature or cooler. It’s a picnic in a glass.


photo by Jennifer Schell

The wines will be shipped in a 2 to 1 ratio.  If you’re a Straight Six member, for example, you’ll get four Fleuvage and two RED SKY.  There’s still time to add to your order.  Cloudy Day Club members should contact us to put more wine in your shipment.

Not a Cloudy Day Club member? Just head to our website to subscribe.  It’s better than ever to be a member because we’ve just made shipping FREE.


There’s still time to join.  There’s about 13 days left before cut-off on the day this was posted.


Top Five Reasons To Join A Wine Club

Is a wine club for you?

Just about every winery has a wine club.  From a simple mailing list to a sophisticated e-commerce site, there’s no shortage of ways to become a club member of your favourite winery. Or three.  But why do people join these clubs? Have you been considering joining?

There’s a ton of different offers out there for fans of #BCwine. You’ll have to determine how often you want wine delivered, how much you can afford, what kind of wines are offered by the clubs and are their any hidden fees or extras.

Here’s five reasons clubs are popular.

1) Exclusivity – A lot of people get annoyed when they discover a wine they really like and when they check in to it, the wine is sold out! You can avoid that problem by joining a club.

We make no secret about the fact that our Cloudy Day wine club is the easiest way to be guaranteed access to our diminutive 500 case annual production.

Our members get a chance to ensure our various Pinot Noir bottlings find their way to their homes. You can try to find us in the few restaurants and fine wine stores around BC that manage to grab a case or two.  But that might prove to be hit and miss.

So, scarcity is probably the number one attraction to the Cloudy Day club.  But there are a few more reasons that may appeal to your logic.

2) Special offers.  Wineries like to make sure their best customers (the wine club) gets first crack at small lots, library releases, wines made expressively for the club, and occasionally co-promoted offers from other services and retailers.  For example, when we released our 275 bottle Cumulus Nimbus Pinot Noir in the spring, Cloudy Day club members had an opportunity to purchase first.

3) Better prices – most of the clubs offer a percentage off retail prices and often there’s a deal to be had on shipping too. Some even offer free shipping at certain purchase thresholds.

4) Delivered to your door – make no mistake about it, people love have their wine delivered right to their door. So civilized!

5) Access to events (on-site and off) and the people behind the wine –  when you’re interested in something like wine, finding out more about the products and the people is often very rewarding. From our perspective, we love having opportunities to connect with our fans and customers. That’s why wine clubs make sure their members get first opportunity to attend events at the winery or when they’re on the road. Wine tastes even better in the company of friends and like-minded strangers!

Do you have some other reasons? Are you already a member of a wine club or two? Let us know what you think.


Chantal Ireland – Black Cloud’s newest representative

If you’re a wine drinker or wine seller on Vancouver Island or the Gulf Islands, you’ll want to know Chantal Ireland if you don’t already.Chantal

Chantal is the person to see for Black Cloud wines – our line of exclusive, small-batch Pinot Noirs from BC’s Okanagan Valley.

Chantal’s craft beverage sales experience began in coffee, where she managed up to $1.1M annually. She’s a sales professional who focuses on strategic territory planning and actions, through dedication to quality, education and innovative ideas. Her philosophy to sales could be summed up as: “Care about the people you work with and always answer your phone. What you can’t prevent, solve quickly.” A food writer for Monday Magazine and , Chantal’s connection to local food is proven on Instagram.

Here’s how to contact Chantal:

1 778 679 1996