Here’s where to find our amazing #Pinot

Here’s where to find our amazing #PinotNoirs in the Thompson Okanagan:
Cask and Barrel (West Kelowna)
Fairview Liquor (Penticton)
Cherrylane Liquor (Penticton)
Stagshead Liquor (Kamloops)
Metro Liquor (Kelowna)
Public Liquor (Kelowna / Airport)

Or just call Brad direct 250-490-7314. Free shipping in Canada on orders of $100 or more.

Cornucopia at Whistler – Join us at the Crystal Lodge Gallery, November 12

The big food and wine festival that is Cornucopia gets underway in North America’s premier mountain resort in early November and Black Cloud will be there to take part and pour some Pinot Noir.

Now in its 20th year, Cornucopia celebrates food and drink in a big way with scores of events, big and small.

Black Cloud will be at the Crystal Lodge Gallery for a unique event that allows participants to express their artistic prowess (or lack thereof) and sip delicious Pinot Noir at the same time. It’s a great event for a date night, a girls’ night out or a chance to scratch that secret artist’s itch. If your in town, why not join us?

Black Cloud's Audralee and Bradley

Audralee Daum and Bradley Cooper – partners in Black Cloud.

Tickets go fast for these wine and art events so make sure you follow this link to secure a spot.

What are the chances?

We were bottling a small run today.  We had to do about 25 cases of our top of the line 2013 Cumulus Nimbus, the epitome of our Pinot Noir making skills. When we cracked open a fresh bag of corks, this is what was inside.  Just one, mind you. The other 999 were all stamped Black Cloud. We’re going to contact them and see if they’d like it back. We’re not sure exactly how it happens but it does.

Our website is back up!

Just a quick note to let you know that our website at is back up and running.  It’s now a property of our parent license holder so we feel are well within the strict rules and regulations of our local jurisdiction.

Visit the site and subscribe to a package if you like the idea of getting our Pinot Noir shipped to your door three times a year.  Or, for a one time purchase. chose the ‘store’ tab to see what the current vintages are available.   Wines are available in Canada only, at this time.

We’ve been forced to close our on-line store – for now.

If you been over to you will have noticed that the site is down. We shut it down voluntarily after a BC Control and Licensing inspector made it known in no uncertain terms that a crack-down on virtual wineries was happening and that Black Cloud, a brand of Serendipity Winery, was under scrutiny.

According to the powers that be, there is only one kind of winery in BC. That’s the kind that they license, and brands like Black Cloud, operating under the wing of another operation, are not going to be tolerated. They don’t like wine e-commerce to start, and operating a site without direct correalation to our parent license holder is making them, shall we say, concerned.

In a business environment that favours the landed, the financed and the established, it’s getting harder and harder to be an innovator and to create a winemaking environment that is a level playing field for people of all means and stripes. We have always operated under license and have always paid our share of taxes et cetera due.

Until this is straightened out, please contact us directly for any of your Black Cloud questions, comments or requests by email at or call our administration office at 778.476.1655

Liquor Updates: Wholesale Pricing

Curious about the new changes this spring to BC liquor?

Dorkuncorked's Blog

My phone was ringing off the hook prior to and after the announcement by Suzanne Anton and the GM for the BC Liquor Distribution Branch. The biggest, and really only, question is ‘What does this mean?’

There is a ton to talk about as the announcement involved Grocery Stores, Wholesale Pricing, Separation of LDB Retail from Wholesale, perhaps the item that will have the most short and long term impact is Wholesale Pricing.

Wholesale Pricing

Current System

Currently BC Liquor Stores do not purchase product from the Wholesale division of the BCLDB. They simply order it, it arrives and they retail it. Private stores do pay LDB Wholesale for their product. The price is a function of the BC Liquor Store retail price. In other words a discounted retail price is what private stores pay. The discount is based on the license type. Licensed Retail Stores (LRS) receive a 16% discount…

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Do You Have to Know About Wine…to Enjoy Wine?

A nation rich in wine history and tradition – also a nation where most people don’t know much about their national drink. Does that limit their enjoyment?

SB's Wine Blog

The results of a big study about wine were released today, with much chagrin…it seems they surveyed people in France regarding how much knowledge they actually had about wine. And – zut alors! – over 60% didn’t know very much at all! The French were devastated by the news!

But after my chuckle, I thought…hold on…does it really matter how much you know about wine? Can’t you just enjoy it?

And the more I thought about it, the more I realized the answer was…you don’t need to know anything at all. Just what you like!

I mean, let’s think about it for a minute. Why does it matter?

“Enjoyment” doesn’t require knowledge…except of whether you are actually enjoying something or not, and that is an emotion.

Is it Cabernet or Merlot? Is it tannic or not? Will it age? Is it a Grand Cru or VQA? Really…who cares if you…

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#Vancouver: Black Cloud Pouring at Two locations This Weekend

We know it’s short notice but we thought we’d tell you that Black Cloud is being featured at two locations this weekend.
Friday night we’re at Denman’s Wine & Spirits starting at 4:30

Sunday find us at Darby’s Liquor store starting at 4 pm

Drop into either location to try our unmatched Pinot Noir.  We’re pouring the 2012 Fleuvage and the 2013 Red Sky rosé.

Black Cloud Pinot finds a new home: Winemaker Bradley Cooper brings micro-winery to Serendipity

For immediate release, July 23/2014


Suggested tweet: Unmatched Black Cloud #pinotnoir from @blackcloudwine moves to @winespiration with winemaker @bradinator. #bcwine


PENTICTON, BC: Okanagan winemaker Bradley Cooper is making a move down the Naramata bench, and bringing his unmatched Pinot Noir, Black Cloud, to a new spot.

After nine vintages with Township 7, Cooper will soon join Serendipity Winery to enhance its portfolio of award-winning BC wines, and production of Black Cloud will move with him. “We started Black Cloud six years ago with less than 500 cases, and our Pinot will continue to be a small production,” says Cooper. “We’re excited to keep it in Naramata and I am looking forward to having a new home for our Pinot at Serendipity.”

The 2008, 2009, and 2010 vintages of Black Cloud’s Altostratus, a new world style elegant Pinot Noir, are available through the Cloudy Day ( wine club, along with the 2012 Fleuvage, a light-bodied Pinot from an exceptional growing season. Two vintages of Red Sky, a lively rosé, are sold out.

Black Cloud is exclusively Pinot Noir, with grapes sourced entirely in the Okanagan. As Cooper joins Serendipity as its winemaker, Black Cloud will remain a private label, managed by himself and his partner Audralee Daum, with its production at Serendipity.

Cloudy Day Wine Club members will continue to have first access to Black Cloud releases, with limited bottles available elsewhere, including private wine stores and restaurants. As a small producer, Black Cloud joins a number of other smaller wineries and wine clubs at Garagiste North: Small Guys Wine Festival on September 14, a new event on the BC wine circuit, focussed on “garagiste” style wines, a phrase coined in France for small, risk-taking producers. “We’re proud to be all Pinot, and Black Cloud will always be a small lot,” says Cooper. “Serendipity is graciously supporting our label, and I look forward to future vintages as their winemaker.”

Cooper has spent the last decade producing critically-recognized BC wine, both reds and whites, at Township 7, and has provided winemaking expertise to Fort Berens Estate Winery in Lilllooet, The McWatters Collection , Time Estate Winery and Bonitas Winery in the Okanagan, among others. He began his winemaking career with Hawthorne Mountain, now See Ya Later Ranch, in the 1990s, and will continue to advise Township 7 through the upcoming harvest.

Black Cloud is currently renovating an administration space, set to open later this summer, in Penticton’s historic Cannery Trade Centre.

*** For more information:

Bradley Cooper, Winemaker/Partner

Black Cloud/Daum Cooper Winery Services Ltd.


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