Chantal Ireland – Black Cloud’s newest representative

If you’re a wine drinker or wine seller on Vancouver Island or the Gulf Islands, you’ll want to know Chantal Ireland if you don’t already.Chantal

Chantal is the person to see for Black Cloud wines – our line of exclusive, small-batch Pinot Noirs from BC’s Okanagan Valley.

Chantal’s craft beverage sales experience began in coffee, where she managed up to $1.1M annually. She’s a sales professional who focuses on strategic territory planning and actions, through dedication to quality, education and innovative ideas. Her philosophy to sales could be summed up as: “Care about the people you work with and always answer your phone. What you can’t prevent, solve quickly.” A food writer for Monday Magazine and , Chantal’s connection to local food is proven on Instagram.

Here’s how to contact Chantal:

1 778 679 1996