Why Do We Make Pinot Noir?

It’s a good question but I’m not sure I can answer that at the moment. Instead I’m going to pass the buck to a couple of worthies who have a few words to say about it.

One is Jamie Goode,  who has been writing a blog about wine for better than a decade and always has something of value in his scribblings. The other is Sam Neill, the actor and vineyard owner.  In this piece, Goode relays part of a speech Neill recently gave in his home country of New Zealand. In his ten points to prospective Pinot Noir growers, I particularily liked this one:

You must try to avoid using the word ‘passion’, as in ‘passion for Pinot’. Passion is an overused word that should be reserved for the sort of heightened emotion that can happen between two people that may possibly result sometimes in the discarding of trousers. If you are a grower of Pinot you may lose your shirt but you are unlikely to lose your trousers.

While this doesn’t completely explain why we do an exclusive Pinot Noir label, it does capture the essence of the Pinot producers.

I do like the part about being a bastard, too.