Spring Release Tasting Event in Penticton

We’re bringing out all our new releases for a private tasting on May 2 and you’re invited.

Starting at 5 on that Friday we’ll be pouring the Pinot at CoWork Penticton.  On deck will be:

  • 2011 Altostratus
  • 2012 Fleuvage
  • 2013 RED SKY rosé

In addition, we’ll crack a few older vintages to check how they are evolving and enjoy some delicious food.  There’s an opportunity to win some great prizes as well.

There’s no charge for this event and we encourage you to bring a friend. Everyone in attendance will qualify for a 20% discount on their purchases. 

Please RSVP on our Facebook event page linked here.

Black Cloud POP-up tasting shows off range of Pinot Noirs

Bottles of Pinot Noir wait to be sampled by participants at the Black Cloud POP-up wine tasting

Bottles of Pinot Noir wait to be sampled by participants at the Black Cloud POP-up wine tasting

The Vancouver International Wine Festival provided the backdrop for our 2nd annual POP-up Pinot Noir tasting last Saturday and the buzz inside the suite at the Hotel LeSoleil matched the general wine vibe in the city all week.

We set out an array of Pinot Noirs from the past, present and future releases to a small but appreciative crowd.  Featured during the tasting:

2012 Rose (unreleased, tank sample)

2006 Fleuvage

2008 Altostratus

2009 Altostratus

2010 Altostratus (unreleased)

2010 Fleuvage

2011 Altostratus (barrel sample)

2012 Altostratus (barrel sample)

Only about 20 cases of the 2012 Rose were made and these will be available to the Cloudy Day club members first as an add on to the regular subscription chosen.  It’s crisp and clean with a nose of raspberry and rose petals with a light cherry palate.  A great spring and summer accompaniment to any patio experience.

Be sure to read this blog for the next event featuring our Pinot Noirs.

Oregon Pinot Noir

A vertical of Pinot Noirs from famed Yamhill-Carlton wine maker Ken Wright. 2007 thru 2009

We’ve been down in Oregon this week, visiting wine country and Portland.  We’ve been attending the Wine Blogger’s Conference that’s held annually in different locations.  We’re trying to become better at communicating with people.  With any luck, we’ve absorbed enough from this trip to make a difference.

We’re tasting plenty of Pinot Noir and many other Pinots as well.  Oregon produces some stunning examples of Pinot and we love to pour our Black Cloud here alongside some of the local greats to get feedback and perspective.

One of our side trips during the conference was to a little town in wine country called Carlton.  It would be difficult to find a friendlier community.  More than 30 producers turned out to greet our group.  Not only are they proud of their wine, they also celebrate their heritage of agriculture.  Carlton seems to have taken a ‘carpe diem’ attitude about their civic future.  Instead of just letting the economy dictate the fortunes of the community, they’ve identified what makes their community special and have proactively decided to be a leader in a kind of rural renaissance.  Or as my new friend Cathy at Noble Pig might say, they’ve gone whole hog on the idea.

If you find yourself in Oregon wine country in the next little while, we’d suggest hitting Carlton’s CRUSH Harvest Festival on September 15.  We’re sure the sense of community we felt will be in great form during this event.